Frequently asked questions

How much does the solution cost?

The product and platform is integrated. The basic unit contains controller gateway and Water monitoring of pH, EC and Temperature. All other sensors/probes can be purchased as add-on. Each sensor automatically attaches to the dashboard once connected to the controller. The dashboard is subscription based and is charged annually. First year charges are inclusive in the product. Help us give you the right combination of sensors and a customised quote.

What about Warranty?

The entire product comes with 1 year Warranty against manufacturing defects, faulty reading, etc. Any damages to the product or any sensor are not covered. Please get in touch with us for comprehensive warranty details and AMC contracts.

How does the product help you?

Automation of the need for any type of protected cultivation. Less human intervention means less error or chances of damages. Our solution helps the farm in many ways: Effective and online water vitals and Polyhouse monitoring Real time Dashboard with analytics Historical Data and graphs Effective Automation Unique Farm Score feature

Do you offer installation services?

Yes. We do offer installation and advanced configurations to all our customers. Locations outside Gujarat are chargeable @ Rs. 5000 per visit for a maximum of 2 days. Although we have made the solution as plug and play in feature. All sensors are pre-configured and tested before dispatch. Any electrician with basic knowledge can do the installation. To ensure safety of our technicians and customers during Covid times, we encourage customers for remote support where ever required.