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Soil-less farming whether done in growbags or Hydroponically, needs active & constant monitoring. Be it Potential Hydrogen (pH) or Electric Conductivity (EC/TDS) of water or Farm Relative Humidity, any deviation can lead to drop in quality and quantity of the produce. FarmFluence uses industry's best sensors and custom built IoT Controller to give you a integrated monitoring & control solution with a cloud enabled dashboard. Our feature-rich dashboard and Mobile App have loads of features such as real-time monitoring and notifications, SMS alerts, Historical logs, Automation, etc. and a unique Farm Score feature. Now manage & control your farm with touch of a finger!

What's more! Entire system is made in-house, calibrated and tested before dispatch.



FarmFluence has been carefully designed after deep research and farm tests to automate Greenhouses & Polyhouses completely. From Water management to controlling the critical functions, this platform takes care of everything. Our IoT Controller captures all sensor data from the farm and pushes it to a centralised dashboard.


All sensors - pH, EC, Water temperature, Water Level, Co2, Humidity, Dissolved Oxygen, Soil variables, etc. are monitored and controlled by centralised dashboard. The data is logged and displayed real-time on your browser or mobile phone. The feature-rich dashboard keeps historical logs, nutrition data, crop data and also sends you real-time notifications and SMS alerts. We can even integrate other elements like level sensors, flow sensors and RO systems for seamless operations.

The Platform logically controls your Dosers, Fan pads, Lights, Coolers, Foggers, Water Pumps, Drip systems,  etc. as per pre-defined or event based logics and logs all operational data including power consumption. A unique Farm Score feature built by us works on AI and tells you the performance of your farm and crop health.



Our Platform is built on Digital IoT communication protocols. All Sensors used in this platform are industrial grade and do online monitoring. The data is encrypted and stored in a secured user dashboard on cloud.

The setup is simple. We send pre-configured system at site. The system just needs power and 3G/4G SIM or Wi-Fi connectivity for seamless monitoring and control.